Thursday, March 15, 2018

Savory Tart With Reese Artichoke Hearts

Make it a brunch to remember with this irresistible, savory tart made with tender artichoke hearts, a sprinkle of flavorful capers and lots of cheese
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As Easter and spring brunches are just around the corner, learning how to craft the perfect savory pie to add to your Sunday menu is simply essential. 
And I'm not just talking about the usual quiche Lorraine or broccoli pie. Oh no! Let's step away from the ordinary recipes and out of your comfort food, and dive headfirst into something new and fun.  
I'm talking about a savory and irresistible, why-did-I-bake-just-one delicious tart made with tender artichoke hearts and flavorful capers. Mixed together with Mediterranean aromas and Italian cheeses. All served up over a perfectly buttery, made-from-scratch crust. 
How can you say no to something that looks this good?!? 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Easter Coconut Bunnies

Unleash your creativity with these super cute, easy-to-make, no-bake coconut snowball cookies perfectly decorated for spring and Easter
Hello cutie! 
Here is the perfect Easter activity for you. 
Right after you are done decorating and coloring your hard eggs, why not?!? You can make some of these delicious, eye-catching, edible bunnies.
These coconut balls are deceivingly easy and super fun to whip up. So make sure your kids help out too.
And the results?!?  Soft, delicate and coco-nutty cookie balls. Decorated with sugary pink ears and chocolate eyes. These bunnies are just what happens when coconut snowballs melt with delicate ricotta clouds. Simply heavenly!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Italian Almond Cookies - Pasticcini alle Mandorle

 These classic Italian cookies are very easy to make, and extremely easy to eat :) 
Intensely nutty and perfectly sweet
Chewy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside.
What more could you want in a cookie?  

I'm so excited today to share with you the recipe of my favorite Italian pasticcini. Pasticcini are small, cookie-size fine pastries that you'd buy in an Italian pasticceria or bakery, generally served as a dessert, but also amazing next to steaming-hot cup of coffee or tea. At any time of the day, really!

Almond pasticcini are a traditional Sicilian pastry, but common in every part of Italy.  There are a few variations of these cookies. You can make them with just almonds, or add a little aroma, like pistachios, amaretti, orange extract ... Because my trees in the backyard are exploding with juicy lemons, in today's recipe I added some lemon zest, just like they do in Puglia. If you try these, I'm sure you'll fall in love too with the flavor combination of almonds and lemons. Truly a match made in heaven!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to Make Italian Mozzarelle in Carrozza

Miraculous things happen when you dip a mozzarella sandwich in batter and fry to perfection

What's wrong with me that I've never shared this recipe with you before?! Seriously! Not once (before today) I stopped to  take pictures for you. And I make mozzarelle in carrozza all the time at home. All the times that I'm looking for a fun, scrumptious and quick dinner idea. And all those times that I miss home. Yes, this is one of those recipes that makes my mind fly 10,000 km across the ocean, and reminds me of Venezia. 
Even though I can't duplicate the delicious-smelling scent drifting off the crowded osterie, or the same magical atmosphere of walking along the canals while eating one of these, I can reproduce the taste of the same mozzarelle in carrozza in my own kitchen, and share with you this recipe. 
So once you try it too, you can take a big bite, close your eyes, and daydream. Just like I do! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes Ideas

Surprise your Valentine with something as sweet as (s)he is

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Have you figured out your plans and how you will impress your sweetheart?
If you ask me, nothing says love like simple but thoughtful gestures. Like a warm breakfast in bed, a cozy and scrumptious candle-light dinner, or a delicious dessert made with love to share together. 
So if you need some inspiration, here are simple-to-make, cute recipes that will surly impress your Valentine.

Make sure to check out my Valentine's Day Recipe Board on Pinterest. You'll find lots more ideas there.

Yes, I love you TOO!  

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day Cheesecake Hearts

Impress your Valentine with one of these simple yet so delicious heart-shaped cheesecakes
Made with LOVE
LOVE is in the air. Can you feel it too?!? 
Just look at this beautiful and crazy-delicious cheesecake heart, and tell me. 
Can you feel the butterflies in your stomach, and the leap in your heart at the sight of it? How about that tingly feeling on the tip of your tongue, and the innermost desire to lick the whipped cream right off the top, and take a big bite. To taste and savor the luscious creamy center, the chocolate crust, and the sweet and juicy strawberry. All in one amazing bite.
You will fall in love too with this recipe. I promise!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to Make Chocolate Lava Cake

This Valentine's Day, win your sweetheart's heart
with this heart-shaped, made-from-scratch, lick-your-plate delicious chocolate lava cake

Yes. This chocolate cake is as heavenly as it looks. Or maybe not... It's even better!
No picture or word can quite describe the sweet aroma that will drift out of your oven and embrace your kitchen; the sensation of the warm first bite when it hits your tastebuds and melts in your mouth; and the soft, most dangerous chocolate that oozes out from the middle. You will want to dig right in, and not stop until you lick the last drop of chocolate off your plate and fingers. 
Yes. It's THAT good :)